Sly, cunning as a spy
Lurking behind corners, below surfaces in space.
Sulking, spoiling every place
Leaving no trace, hidden. Presence unknown, unbidden
Potent as a scorpion’s sting! Poisoning, lingering, persistent
The show is all, no more, no less. Charming smile, filled with grace,
A Supurnaka, created to seduce. Cloaked in pleasure, this pain.
Loss camouflaged as gain. Skill in seeming to be what is not.
Chocolate covered scorpion, taste for the tongue
After the first bite, teeth sinking
Deep, into venom like an innocent fawn
Sucked into solid- looking quicksand
Ah! Villain! Cries the hero, betrayed to the core!
Ah, villain! Fair without but black within!
Be gone! I bow to you no more!
Can there be a greater sin?
Than mistaking appearances
For Reality!

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