Yognat: Homecoming

My first experience of Yoganjali Natyalayam was during their Annual Day celebrations in 1999, and I was fortunate enough to meet Ammaji that day.

I was sitting two rows behind an orange-clad attractive Tejasvi lady and had been admiring her charismatic presence, and as luck would have it, was introduced to her and she said, “You have to take up to Yoga”. It was like the sacred commandment for me after which I joined Yognat. Started enjoying the Asanas and Pranayamas and my body felt like never before- so refreshed and rejuvenated, yet there was a nagging sense of incompletion within that was constantly surfacing up and was lost not knowing how to address it.

And then as it was destined to be, attended a theory class of Dr Ananda (I literally gate-crashed to that class as permission had been refused for me, because it was meant for those competing in a competition that I had refused to join), that one class, is “THE CLASS” for me now and forever, the EUREKA moment !!! That changed the whole course of my life! Understood that Yoga was much much more than the techniques. It needs to be experienced. We need to LIVE it 24×7…

The sense of incompletion vanished in thin air and for the first time in my life, ‘felt complete’ as I knew this is the path I want to walk in and that I was in the right place at the right time and above all in the right hands. Thanks to sir. 
The rest of the journey so far has been purely a learning experience and way to go yet….. From a person who did not even know that yoga is Y O G A… now a professional in this field!!!

All that inquisitiveness, the inspiration, and the ignition came from this wonderful source of brilliant radiance- Dr. Sir! Wouldn’t have dreamt of it in my wildest dreams, but here I am toddling along following him (who is making giant leaps), breathlessly trying to catch up to his pace, often wondering how he does EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, yet so down to earth. An epitome of experiential wisdom- that’s what sir is. Learn things by observing him which is the greatest lesson that ever could be.

Am so fortunate to be working with/under sir at Centre for Yoga Therapy Education and Research (CYTER) and the learning experience goes on….. Understand that it is a never-ending task, especially with a master Guru like Dr. Ananda. A humane being and a gem par excellence.

Yognat has given me a new definition. It has refined and re-defined me, and am still “under construction”. I know that it’s still a long long long way….

A lifetime may be many more lifetimes…

But am hopeful, positive and certain that it’s not impossible because there is Ammaji and Dr Ananda traversing this path, right ahead leading the way and I can walk the path blind-folded following them!!!

Every time I walk into Yognat, it’s like ‘Homecoming’. H(om)e Sweet H(om)e.

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