Isn’t ignorance wonderful? Actually, ignorance can be charming when it manifests in babies, children, and animals. It makes us laugh with glee to see these innocents frolic with their ignorant play and lisp their meaningless words.
However, ignorance loses its appeal when responsible adults come under its cloud! The person so deluded may feel the proverbial “bliss” but those of us who witness it can but shake our heads in dismay, especially when it erupts from the mouths of our leaders! Recently a union minister of state in New Delhi declared: “Darwinism” is not a fact. We must remove it from our curriculum”. Well and good! That point may be debated with the gentleman who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, is an IAS officer and was a Commissioner of Police. But one does tremble with apprehension when he reveals the argument he posits for his declaration. “None of our ancestors has seen an ape turn into a man. There is nothing, like that in our scriptures. Man has always been a man on earth.
That does “take the cake”. What can one say to that? Unfortunately, there is nothing greater than the tyranny of the ignorant mind. He sounds like a Christian priest from the 19th century in English in the wake of the publication of Darwin’s ”Origin of the Species”.
The junior Human Resource Minister had uni-laterally de-recognized Darwin’s theory of evolution of the species and survival of the fittest theories with that statement. Ironically he proved part of Darwin’s theory correct by his own special and behavior – the fittest do not always survive especially amongst politicians and bureaucrats!
The Union Minister of State made this announced in national English papers on January 23rd, 2018. He further declared Indians would conduct a “great international conference” to debate this subject to which evolutionists and Darwinist should all come.
One cannot help but bring to mind our Hindu concept of Dasavatara, the Ten Incarnations of Vishnu – a symbolic story of the evolutionary theory in our own Hindu tradition.
The Dasavatara, the Ten Incarnations described in Bhagavatham carries a scientific account of the evolution of the humankind, with a religious-mythological flavor that makes it palatable for public consumption.
Until the 19th century, when Charles Darwin propounded the theory of evolution, the West had blind faith in the religious story of the Creator and creation. Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’ published in 1850, created a sensation and offended the orthodox Christians and the clergy. Indians, however, found nothing new in Darwin’s theory, as it was a scientific restatement of the Dasavatara detailed in the Bhagavatam. The story began with the fish, aqua, and culminated in the human with biological and intellectual evolutionary stages in between, spanning the stages of amphibian, land animal, man-animal, dwarf, brute-man, perfect man and practical man.
This Hindu theory of evolution began with a fish and ended with the emergence of the worldly-wise, practical man. The evolutionary increased went from Matsya, Kurma, Varah, Narasimha, Rama, Parasurama, Rama Chandra, Krishna, and Kalki. That is fish, tortoise, boar, man-animal, dwarf, Rama-1, Rama-2, Rama-3, Krishna, and Kalki in that order.
Though the minister sought to debunk one scientific principle, he proved another one absolutely correct Physicist and Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Pauti formulated the “Not Even Wrong Principle” (NEW). He stated that when an idea is so absurd it is too ridiculous to discuss it doesn’t even deserve the dignity of a debate. Labeled under the NEW principle such is the idea put forth by a man in charge of our country’s Human Resource.
The last word! (Or perhaps not!) is This: may not have seen an ape turn into a man, but we have seen many a man turning into an ape!

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